Common sense laws of programming

Just follow the best practices, not the rules. If you cannot figure out which is the best practice, then just pick the one that is most suitable for your project even if is not the most common.

If you want to build a new API stop thinking how to do it. Already there are thousands of people out there that did the same think. Just pick the most reasonable solution for your needs. I am sure you are not innovating anything if you decide to do a CORBA API just because to be different and so 10 years behind the trend. Or to use Pearl because the CTO of the company liked this 25 years ago.

Stop hiring good engineers just to ask them to add some buttons to your 5 years old application or to spend 10% of their time in JIRA or reporting tools. (If you use JIRA it is a good thing, if you don’t, it is also a good thing). Hire a junior manager for these things. He can do it better.

Stop saying inside the organization that you have Agile teams if it takes 2 weeks to create a static web page. Nobody will trust you.

Expect failures when you promote new people. This is normal and expected.

Don’t embrace a technology 2 months after it was lunched just because Google did it. Don’t wait 5 years to use a technology you need just because it is too new or the update it is too difficult.

Bonus point: NodeJS is not the universal solution.

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