Cannot redeclare geoip_country_code_by_name

Today I had this error on my Ubuntu Linux box Fatal error: Cannot redeclare geoip_country_code_by_name() The reason was that I have geoip extension enabled in my PHP configuration and also I used the file from The solution is very simple. Actually, there are two solutions: First is to disable the geoip extension from… Continue reading Cannot redeclare geoip_country_code_by_name

A simple MVC framework

I will describe in the following post a (very) simple MVC framework. You can download the source code from here or can make a copy from bitbucket repository. As you can see, we have the following folders: – web: here resides your public files (images, css, and index.php) – app: here you can find application… Continue reading A simple MVC framework

Singleton Pattern

This pattern is probably one of the most simple and used pattern. As php manual says: The Singleton pattern applies to situations in which there needs to be a single instance of a class. The most common example of this is a database connection. Implementing this pattern allows a programmer to make this single instance… Continue reading Singleton Pattern