SVN how to merge branch into trunk

After I messed up a svn repo because of a wrong merge I started to read svn book and how to properly merge a branch into trunk.

Let’s assume you have a branch called my-branch.

1. Go into branch folder (/var/www/my-branch)

To be sure you are in the branch folder just type svn info. You should see: URL: svn://

2. Commit or revert everything to have a clean copy and update: svn up

3. Bring the last changes from trunk into your branch

svn merge

see changes and test

svn status

4. If everything is fine, commit those changes into your branch

svn ci -m ‘last changes from trunk into branch’

If something went wrong you can revert with svn revert . -R

5. Go into trunk folder (you should also have a trunk clone)

6. Update your trunk copy:

svn up

7. Most important. Bring changes from BRANCH to TRUNK.

svn merge --reintegrate svn://


svn st

to see changes and test

9. Finally, commit your branch changes to trunk

svn ci -m “Merge my-branch into trunk”

Now, you can delete the old branch:

svn delete svn:// -m “Remove my-branch”