Delete Google Analytics Profile/Website

It took me a while to figure out how to delete a Property (web site) from Google Analytics, mainly because is not so obvious and also Google Help… actually doesn’t help too much.
In your Google Analytics account:

1. Click on the Property you want to delete (eg:

2013-07-27 21:26:20

2. Click on first profile (eg: All Web Site Data)

2013-07-27 21:29:05

3. In the next page, Click Profile Settings

2013-07-27 21:30:35

4. in the right-bottom corner, click “Delete this profile” and confirm clicking “Delete profile” button.

2013-07-27 21:30:56

You will be redirected on the first Properties page and you have to repeat the the actions starting with step 1, for the all profiles.
The property (website) will disappear automatically when ALL the profiles associated with this Property will be deleted.